Steps to increase WordPress site speed

It is known by the site owners that the reason behind the higher site rank in Google’s search algorithm is obviously the faster site speed. The reason is known, now come to the point. How to increase the site speed?? The problem that arises here is the limitation of resources and capabilities of the site owners with small business. For this purpose, we have skimmed and scanned and now we successfully make out the four easier steps that are low-cost too. Estimation of time and cost is associated with each step.

Step 1: Choose a Solid WordPress host

Your site host is the most influential part that affects your site speed. It controls that how a user accesses the files and images on your site. If you have correctly configured your host and it is optimally running for WordPress, performing fastly then it means your site will be able to load faster and provide a better experience.

If you have a WordPress website that is on a shared hosting environment ( like BlueHost etc ) you should go for a WordPress optimized hosting plan. The WordPress site needs are different from other sites. The optimization of hosting configuration is necessary as it can boost up your WordPress site speed by seconds.

What you get is actually what you paid for, in case of hosting environments. It is recommended to use WordPress hosting service WPEngine. It is specially designed for WordPress sites and is an awesome service as well. They are expensive but fruitful.

Time:1 hour

Cost: $29/mo

Step 2: Enable your Site’s Global CDN

The first step to faster the site speed is a WordPress optimized host but then comes Content Delivery Network (CDN). The hosting companies deliver the website in a single location from a set of servers. It means those who are accessing your website from longer distances have to experience more delay in your site speed. Here, a good CDN will take your website content and deliver it such that when a visitor accesses your website the CDN delivers your content from the closest location to the user. This enhances speed and the visitor has a better experience. WordPress SEO is recommended for boosting the traffic on the site.Max CDN company is recommended for this purpose.

Time:30 minutes

Cost: $9/mo for standalone

Step 3: Enable a site cache

Site cache can surprisingly increase your website speed by 2 to 5 times. It pre-download your website content for the visitors before they access your website. Once a user visits your website, the site cache will show the already downloaded content for the user. This makes loading speech much faster. This makes the user not to download your website content like images, articles etc everytime they visit your WordPress site.

A good WordPress site caching plug-in like WP Rocket can easily do this job for you.

Time:1 hour

Cost: $39/year

Step 4: Optimize your images

Optimization starts at the source itself. Before uploading these images on your website you must make sure that the images are optimized for web usage and compressed to format such as PNG, JPG etc.

You may use Standalone photo editing software like Photoshop etc. Imagify plug-in is recommended to enhance the speed much faster.

Time: A few hours

Cost: $4.99/mo

Step 5: Ongoing Maintenance

All of the above steps can help you enhance speed much faster and load by seconds but the speed will quickly dissipate if your site will be left outdated, corrupt or broken. So you have to continuously maintain and update your site.

A plug-in is recommended named as Reach Out. You need to have proper plugin development for your site.

Time:10 minutes/ week

Cost: Free if maintained regularly

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